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Unique Application for the Hand-TiteĀ® Pipe Plugs

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Here are two photos showing a buoy used by Woodshole Oceanographic Institute used to track Right Whales by their sounds.

Eight inch Hand-tite pipe plugs are sealing the ends of pvc pipe containing instrument packages.

"I use the Hand-tite Plug, which is the only tool that works, to seal the drain port in a mixing device called a tow mixer.  The tow mixer is a livestock watering tank mounted on an axle from a rear drive vehicle. When the mixer is towed, the wheels turn and spin the axles' differential which is pointing at the sky through the bottom of the tank.  The tank is filled with water, newspaper is added along with Portland cement and then the mixer is towed. The "U" channel spins with tremendous force smashing the entire mix into pulp which is then drained into forms by removing the handtite. We tried a lot of different ways to seal the drain port but the handtite was the only one which worked - even though it is not designed for this purpose. For more info about how to make and use papercrete visit LivingInPaper.com."

Barry J. Fuller
BetR-blok, LLC

Aero Tec Laboratories

Plugging the by-pass of an inflatable bladder